About Us

 We specialise in providing Fantasy and Gothic giftware and other products for your spiritual, Well-Being and collectable needs. As vegans we also stock a range of vegan products, such as sweets, fudge, hair dye, soaps, cleaning products and much more.


The concept for our business module started many years ago when one of our founders became an ordained minister. That was the beginning of a journey that continues still to this day.

From this origin, started our journey of learning about different Faith traditions. This included actually "physically" living many great and recognised World religions, which in turn led us to study and practice witchcraft and the occult.


We have lived and studied such religions and practices as Christianity (various sects), Islam (Sunni sect), Mormonism, Paganism (many different branches), Wicca, Hinduism, and Satanism (both atheistic and theistic), as well as Atheism.

From the study and practice of all the above came the concept of what has now become our life and business!